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This part of the official manual is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website and may not accurately reflect the current version of RuneScape Classic.
This text dates to 9 April 2003.

Agility guide[edit | edit source]

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Agility is a skill that can be used to get over, up and through various obstacles, often as a short cut, or to get into new areas. Typical examples of where you use your agility skill are to squeeze through a pipe, swing on a rope over a hole, or use some handholds to climb up a wall.

Just click on the obstacle you wish to get past, and if you have the appropriate agility skill level you will attempt it.

You will never fail some obstacles once you reach the appropriate agility level. On other obstacles it is possible to fall off, which will cause you to lose hitpoints.

A good way to advance your agility skill is to use the obstacle courses. By going round the obstacle course in the correct order you can get an agility experience bonus from the course. This is in addition to the normal agility skill experience you get from attempting single obstacles.


Players with low-levels of ability might want to use the obstacle course in the tree gnome stronghold. At level 35 you can also enter the obstacle course at the barbarian outpost.

Agility is a fatigue skill, which means that as you use it your character will slowly tire and eventually need to find a bed to rest on. Eating food will also reduce your character's fatigue slightly. For more information on fatigue please see our fatigue guide.