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The Mahjarrat are an ancient powerful race. They originally came from the realm of Freneskae, a dimension of constant warfare, to fight in the Gods' wars. They have strong necromantic abilities and can live for thousands of years, possibly forever. Once every 500 years, they must sacrifice one of their number in order to sustain their power. There are four known Mahjarrat in RuneScape Classic.

General Khazard[edit | edit source]

General Khazard is a Mahjarrat with control over his domain of Port Khazard, forcing civilians into the Fight Arena for his entertainment. After the player manages to defeat Bouncer, General Khazard himself attempts to kill the player. He is also the head of the Khazard Army, who are at war with the Tree Gnomes. General Khazard has a combat level of 100.

Lord Hazeel[edit | edit source]

Hazeel was the conqueror of the city now known as Ardougne until being slain by the Carnillean family, who now live in Hazeel's former residence. A cult led by Alomone attempts to resurrect Hazeel during the Hazeel Cult quest, in which the player has the option to either side with the cult or the Carnilleans. After his resurrection, he has a combat level of 100.

Lucien[edit | edit source]

Lucien is a Mahjarrat who asks the player to retrieve the Staff of Armadyl from the Temple of Ikov, providing the player with the Pendant of Lucien which prevents fear. After retrieving the staff, the player is confronted by Guardians of Armadyl who give the player the decision to either kill Lucien or give him the Staff of Armadyl. Lucien is considered a weak Mahjarrat, with a combat level of only 21, however this could be a guise.

Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

Azzanadra is a Mahjarrat briefly mentioned by Guardians of Armadyl during the Temple of Ikov quest. Azzanadra's story was not expanded on until many years after the release of RuneScape 2.

Zamorak[edit | edit source]

Little is explained about Zamorak's origins in-game, however in the God Letters, Zamorak is said to be a Mahjarrat who had become a god after the demise of Zaros.