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The Magnet is an item found in the basement of Nora T Hagg's house. It is needed for the Witch's house quest. It is found found behind a gate and you must be wearing leather leather gloves or Ice Gloves to get to it. It is used on the mouse that you lure out with cheese, in order to open the back door. The mouse then returns to its hole and unlocks the door.

Note: if players get caught by Nora T Hag they cannot reuse magnets acquired from the drop trick or simply picked back up. They must go back down the stairs to get at least a new one. Attempting to use a previously gotten magnet on the mouse will produce You need to get the magnet yourself to do this quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even when the magnet is not tradable, the error message displayed indicates that it could have been planned tradable.