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Magic is a combat skill in RuneScape Classic. The runes required for better spells can be relatively expensive to buy, as they can only be acquired through monster drops, pickpocketing, or from other players. Training magic in RuneScape Classic to decent levels, however, can be relatively fast, and cheap.

Acquiring Runes[edit | edit source]

Some of the best ways to get lots of runes quickly is to train other skills.

Image Rune Methods for acquiring runes Efficient multitasking methods
Mind-Rune.png Body-Rune.png Air-Rune.png Water-Rune.png Earth-Rune.png Fire-Rune.png Mind, Body, and Elemental-Runes Magic stores:

Buying from magic stores while multitasking:

Chaos-Rune.png Chaos-Runes
Death-Rune.png Death-Runes After completing Gertrude's Cat, players can purchase kittens from Gertrude for just 100 coins each. It takes 2hrs to raise a kitten into a cat, which can be sold to the civilian in the rat filled house in West Ardougne (after Plague City) for 25 death-runes. An easy way to raise a cat is to hold it and a ball of wool with you while you fish. Feed it a raw fish every time it meows or purrs, and give it the ball of wool every time it wants attention. Many monsters can sometimes drop death-runes in small amounts.
Blood-Rune.png Blood-Runes
  • Dropped by many monsters in small amounts
See: Blood-Rune for a list of dropping monsters
Nature-Rune.png Nature-Runes
Law-Rune.png Law-Runes Dropped by many monsters in small amounts

See: Law-Rune for a list of dropping monsters

Cosmic-Rune.png Cosmic-Runes * 3 Cosmic-runes spawn in the Ice Plateau at the far north-west of the wilderness. This areas is surrounded by several Ice Giants and Ice Warriors, which also drop Cosmic-runes
Soul-Rune.png Soul-Runes Soul-runes can only be bought from the Magic Guild Shop in Yanille (level 66 magic required)

Combat spells[edit | edit source]

Safe spotting Count Draynor[edit | edit source]

The player's inventory should consist of the following items:

Players can repeatly cast Wind strike on high-level opponents while behind a safespot. To save the trouble of finding another monster / picking up drops etc, players can do the following:

  1. Progress through the Vampire Slayer quest until you need to fight Count Draynor.
  2. Search the coffin, Count Draynor should appear.
  3. Have Count Draynor on the other side of the coffin.
  4. Finally, repeatedly cast Wind strike at the Count.

The above trick works because the Count would regenerate 1/4 of his Hits every time it reaches 0 if players did not bring a stake. This allows for quick, cheap experience. Assuming this trick was done at level 1 Magic, it would take 592,475 Wind strikes to get to level 99 Magic.

Crumble Undead[edit | edit source]

When cast on the right monsters, Crumble undead can hit high while being relatively low-cost. There are several locations where it is convenient to cast. One such location is inside the Wizards' Guild, where there are several caged Zombies in the cellar, requiring level 66 magic (although a Wizard's Mind Bomb may be used). It is possible to get 120k ± 10k Magic experience per hour casting the spell on the zombies, and hopping between worlds whilst waiting for the zombies to respawn.

Safe spotting Lesser Demon[edit | edit source]

You can also safe spot the Lesser Demon at the top of the Wizard's Tower in Draynor Village. This is a very efficient way to train magic as he has high life points, and can't attack back. You can use telekinetic grab to pick up drops for additional Magic experience, but it is not recommended because it rarely offsets the cost of runes to cast the spell, except perhaps in the case of Medium Rune Helmets.

Non-combat spells[edit | edit source]

Nature-runes and a Staff of Fire can be used for superheating ores into bars while mining, or for alchemizing unwanted drops or made equipment, such as armour and weapons. It is possible with high level alchemy to get 120k ± 10k Magic experience per hour if trained efficiently, which is the same as casting Crumble undead underneath the Wizards' Guild.

Cosmic runes and elemental runes can be used to enchant strung amulets into various stat boosting amulets, which can be sold to other players for good amounts of money.