Liquid Honey

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Liquid honey is a quest item given to the player by Elena during the Biohazard quest. The player must smuggle it into the gated area in south-eastern Varrock by giving it to Chancy, one of the chemist's assistants in Rimmington who will then carry it to the Dancing Donkey Inn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike later versions of the game, Liquid Honey did not get destroyed upon teleporting, and actually none of the 4 items you must smuggle would get destroyed from entering combat.
  • Liquid Honey has special handling compared to the other 2 liquids you need to smuggle, Sulphuric Broline and Ethenea. Liquid honey always drops on death, even when you only have 3 items, whereas Sulphuric Broline and Ethenea remain in the inventory.
  • Liquid Honey is also the only item with which the player is prevented from walking through the gate after the guard discovers it in their inventory. If not for that, players could avoid talking to any of the chemist's assistants at all.