Lift Platform

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Lift Platform is a Scenery object that is used to help Ana escape slavery during the Tourist Trap quest. Normally is it used to transport rocks to the surface by the people who run the camp.

When players attempt to use or search the lift platform without Ana in a Barrel they will get the following dialgoue with the Mercenary by the lift:

  • Mercenary: Hey there, what do you want?
    • What is this thing?
      • Mercenary: It is quite clearly a lift.
      • Mercenary: Any fool can see that it's used to transport rock to the surface.
        • Can I use this?
          • (See below)
        • Ok, thanks.
          • Player: Ok, thanks.
    • Can I use this?
      • Player: Can I use this?
      • Mercenary: Of course not, you'd be doing me out of a job.
      • Mercenary: Anyway, you haven't got any barrels that need to go to the surface.
      • Mercenary: Now, move along and get some work done before you get a good beating.

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