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Life-Runes are unobtainable runes which were planned to be used for summoning spells. The idea was eventually scrapped. Summoning later returned as a skill with different mechanics in RuneScape 2.

Life-Rune remains in the client, but all spells using it have been removed. In older clients, the spells were not visible on the normal magic interface or loaded, but existed in the data file "config", and could be made visible by editing the data file.

Level Spell Description Runes needed
45 Call animal Summon an animal follower Earth-Rune.png 3 earth-runes, Air-Rune.png 3 air-runes, Water-Rune.png 3 water-runes, Life-Rune.png 1 life-rune
51 Raise skeleton Raise a skeleton warrior you control! Earth-Rune.png 5 earth-runes, Fire-Rune.png 5 fire-runes, Bones.png 5 bones, 1 Life-Rune.png life-rune
61 Summon demon Summon a demon you control! Fire-Rune.png 10 fire-runes, Earth-Rune.png 10 earth-runes, Air-Rune.png 10 air-runes, Life-Rune.png 1 life-rune