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This pair of levers were the first to be introduced in the game's cache, on either 4 January 2001, or at the same time as Ernest the chicken quest, 21 January 2001. However, these levers would never actually be used in the game. When the Ernest the chicken quest released, it instead used six different levers labeled with letters of the alphabet.

There are a few possible reasons why these levers exist:

  1. They could have been placeholders in Draynor Manor's basement while the Ernest the chicken quest was still being developed. Players would never have been able to see them though, as the mansion was closed off until Ernest the chicken released.
  2. It could have been part of an earlier design concept for the Ernest the chicken quest. However, it's worth noting that there were no interaction options defined on these levers. Additionally, in RuneScape Classic, it is not possible to show one player that the lever is up, and another player that the lever is down. The levers would have been either up or down for all players, which is a level of collaboration that was not desired.
  3. They may have just been added as reference Levers, in case anyone ever wanted a Lever in the down position, it would have already been made and available. A downward lever would eventually be added and used with the addition of Watchtower quest, over two years later.

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