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This Ladder is used to enter the basement of Melzar's Maze. It functions exactly the same as a regular ladder down with no special behaviour[1][2]. Climbing down it does not allow you to re-enter the southern-most door in the basement either[3]. It functions the same as a regular ladder, and all other ladders in Melzar's Maze are in fact regular ladders other than just this one.

A possible reason for this ladder's existence was provided by Rab, who recalls asking Andrew Gower if he could "make a ladder that was only one way, like could only be climbed down [...] for Melzar's maze."[4] It should be noted, however, that there are several other one-way ladders in Melzar's Maze, (both up and down) and they just use regular ladders. A possible explanation is that initially, the map editor for RuneScape could only place regular ladders in pairs, and then part way through development of Melzar's Maze, it was augmented to be able to place individual ladders. The special one-way ladder developed by Rab that this article is about then would have been left in the Maze as a relic.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ladder was initially added to the game files on 26 July 2001[5], about 2 months before Dragon Slayer would be released. However, it's not known to have been accessible until Dragon Slayer was released.
  • Jagex initially labelled the ladder internally as "funladder". The "fun" designation is a prefix that was given to several other elements of Melzar's Maze, including the one-way doors in the basement of Melzar's Maze, and the chest that the Map Piece is in.
  • The internal description "funladder" persisted until either 13 December 2001 or 24 December 2001. It was likely internally renamed at the same time that the Black Hole experience and its ladder were removed. At that time, both the Melzar's Maze ladder and the Black Hole experience ladders' internal names were changed to just "ladderdown".

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