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A kitten is a reward received when the gertrude's cat quest is completed. If you lose or run out of ungrown kittens, you may purchase new ones from Gertrude near the west Varrock gates for 100 coins each.

Maturing and utilizing kittens[edit | edit source]

It takes roughly 2 hours for a kitten to mature into a cat. During that time your kitten will demand attention and food. Failure to provide either will result in the kitten running away. The indication your kitten wants either food or attention is when it says "miaow!". If you ignore your kitten's call for food you will receive the final message "you hear a loud meow your kitten is really hungry" before it runs off to look for food. It will not return after it has run away. Kittens are picky eaters and will only eat certain things, see the tables below.

An additional way to interact with the kitten is to use a Ball of wool it.

Fully grown cats can be traded for 25 death-runes with the civillians of West Ardougne.

Obtaining multiple kittens[edit | edit source]

A good trick to obtain cats quickly is to fill up your entire inventory, preferably with junk or worthless items, before you talk to Gertrude. When you buy a new kitten, the kitten falls to the floor, allowing you to purchase up to 4 kittens. Drop 4 of your junk items, and then retrieve the kittens. There is also a bank nearby in west Varrock, so you can bank the kittens and go back for your items if you wish.

NOTE: Only one kitten will grow at a time, so you are best off banking the other kittens.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Food kittens will eat[edit | edit source]

Image Fish
Raw Shrimp.png Raw Shrimp
Raw Sardine.png Raw Sardine
Seasoned Sardine.png Seasoned Sardine
Sardine.png Sardine
Raw Anchovies.png Raw Anchovies
Raw Trout.png Raw Trout
Trout.png Trout
Raw Salmon.png Raw salmon
Salmon.png Salmon
Raw Tuna.png Raw tuna
Tuna.png Tuna
Milk.png Milk