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Karamja Rum is an item needed to complete the Pirate's Treasure quest. Players cannot consume the drink. It can be purchased from Zambo at the pub in Musa Point but it cannot be taken on the ship or it will be confiscated by the Customs Officer. For players who have not completed Shilo Village, it must be smuggled to Port Sarim in a banana crate. Casting a teleport spell with the rum in your inventory will not work either.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Dead Man's ChestBrimhavenCoins.png 27N/AMember icon.png
Karamja Wines, Spirits, and BeersMusa Point3Coins.png 30Coins.png 21Free-to-play icon.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Players may only smuggle the rum once via the crate
  • An alternative method of smuggling the rum is available to players who have completed the Shilo Village quest. They may smuggle it via the The Lady of the Waves or by banking the rum in the village
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