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The Jailer is a monster who guards the Black Knight jail deep within the Taverley dungeon. After he is killed he drops a key that unlocks the two nearby cells. Players seeking to kill the Jailer should beware the nearby aggressive (level 76) Lord Darquarius.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

The cell on the eastern side of the prison is home to Velrak the explorer, while the cell to the west houses 2 dwarves. Once inside the cell with Velrak the player may obtain the dusty key which is required for accessing the dungeon further. This step is completed during Hero's Quest.

Locations[edit | edit source]

South end of the Taverley dungeon

Drops[edit | edit source]

These drop rates are estimated based on a mix of drop logs, videos, and at times, comparison to later code. See the talk page for more details.

100% drop[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Jail keys.pngJail keys11Always

Weapons and armour[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Iron Short Sword.pngIron Short Sword13Uncommon (~4/128)
Large Iron Helmet.pngLarge Iron Helmet13Uncommon (~2/128)
Shortbow.pngShortbow14Rare (~1/128)
Steel Mace.pngSteel Mace14Rare (~1/128)[d 1]
  1. The Large Iron Helmet and Steel Mace can sometimes be dropped together from 1 kill

Runes[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Earth-Rune.pngEarth-Rune73Uncommon (~3/128)
Law-Rune.pngLaw-Rune23Uncommon (~2/128)
Chaos-Rune.pngChaos-Rune43Uncommon (~3/128)
Death-Rune.pngDeath-Rune13Uncommon (~2/128)
Body-Rune.pngBody-Rune63Uncommon (~3/128)
Mind-Rune.pngMind-Rune14Rare (~1/128)
Cosmic-Rune.pngCosmic-Rune14Rare (~1/128)

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Herb (Guam leaf).pngHerb (Guam leaf)14Rare (~3/512)
Herb (Marrentill).pngHerb (Marrentill)14Rare (~9/2,048)
Herb (Tarromin).pngHerb (Tarromin)14Rare (~27/8,192)
Herb (Harralander).pngHerb (Harralander)14Rare (~21/8,192)
Herb (Ranarr Weed).pngHerb (Ranarr Weed)14Rare (~33/16,384)
Herb (Irit Leaf).pngHerb (Irit Leaf)14Rare (~3/2,048)
Herb (Avantoe).pngHerb (Avantoe)14Rare (~9/8,192)
Herb (Kwuarm).pngHerb (Kwuarm)15Very rare (~15/16,384)
Herb (Cadantine).pngHerb (Cadantine)15Very rare (~3/4,096)
Herb (Dwarf Weed).pngHerb (Dwarf Weed)15Very rare (~9/16,384)

Coins[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Coins.pngCoins352Common (~37/128)
Coins.pngCoins122Common (~14/128)
Coins.pngCoins12Common (~12/128)
Coins.pngCoins582Common (~12/128)
Coins.pngCoins62Common (~10/128)
Coins.pngCoins803Uncommon (~2/128)

Other[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Steel bar.pngsteel bar12Common (~6/128)
Tin ore.pngtin ore14Rare (~1/128)
Bread.pngbread14Rare (~1/128)
Flour (heap).pngFlour (heap)14Rare (~1/128)

Rare drop table[edit | edit source]

There is a 3/128 chance of rolling the gem drop table.

Item Quantity Rarity
Uncut sapphire.pngUncut sapphire14Rare (~1/170.67)
Uncut emerald.pngUncut emerald14Rare (~1/341.33)
Uncut ruby.pngUncut ruby14Rare (~1/682.67)
Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond15Very rare (~1/2,730.67)
Half of a key (loop).pngHalf of a key (loop)15Very rare (~1/5,461.33)
Half of a key (tooth).pngHalf of a key (tooth)15Very rare (~1/5,461.33)
Half Dragon Square Shield (left).pngHalf Dragon Square Shield (left)16Extremely rare (~1/233,016.89)
Rune Spear.pngRune Spear16Extremely rare (~1/699,050.67)