Instruction manual

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Instruction manual
Instruction manual.png

Released 27 May 2003 (Update)
Quest item Dwarf Cannon
Members item Yes
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 0gp
Low alch 0gp
Shop price 1gp - Nulodion's Cannon Parts
Sale price Cannot be sold
Examine An old note book

The Instruction manual is a book obtained from the Dwarf Cannon quest and contains 4 pages on how to operate the Dwarf cannon. It can later be purchased from Nulodion's Cannon Parts for 1 coin.

Pages[edit | edit source]

Instruction manual 1.png
Instruction manual 2.png
Page 1: Constructing the cannon Page 2: Making ammo
Instruction manual 3.png
Instruction manual 4.png
Page 3: Firing the cannon Page 4: Dwarf cannon warrenty[sic]


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