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Did you mean Hole (shortcut) in Yanille?

Examine: This ship isn't much use with that there

Hole is a piece of scenery inside Lumbridge Lady, the ship. The ship must be bought from Klarense for 2000 GP and then repaired during Dragon Slayer quest. To repair the hole one must use 3 planks on have 12 Nails and a Hammer in inventory while doing so.

Examine: I can see a witches cauldron directly below it

In the Black Knights' Fortress, hole is the only way to spoil the Witch's cauldron - notably the invincibility potion, by using a cabbage on it, but doing so will produce: Player: Why would I want to do that? During the Black Knights' Fortress (quest), there are two cases: to either drop a cabbage coming from Draynor Manor (Case A) and a cabbage coming from elsewhere (Case B)
Doing the drop of Case A produces:

  • This is the wrong sort of cabbage!
  • You are meant to be hindering the witch.
  • Not helping her.
  • (does not take away the cabbage from the player)

Doing the drop of Case B produces:

  • You drop a cabbage down the hole.
  • The cabbage lands in the cauldron below.
  • The mixture in the cauldron starts to froth and bubble.
  • You hear the witch groan in dismay.