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The RuneScape Classic Wiki has a few of its own help pages. They can be found in the links below:

Help Contents

User-related pages
Adventurers' Tales | Common misspellings | Customising your signature | Requested signatures | Signatures | Signature colours | Talk pages | Userboxes |

Help pages
Toolbar | Adding YouTube videos | Audio files | Administrators' how-to guide | Archiving | Creating pages | Custom edit buttons | Editing | MediaWiki namespace | Namespaces | Polls | Preferences | Revert | Searching | Special pages | User access levels

'Need to ask a question?'
Feel free to post in the help desk in the forum. If you want immediate help, then add {{helpme|question}} on your user talk page, replacing "question" with a question about something you need help with. An experienced user will soon come and help you.