Half of a key (tooth)

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A tooth Half of a key is a rare item drop which may be received from any monster that drops gems. Using it on the loop half will create a crystal key. Using said key on the Crystal chest in Taverley will give the player several rare items. The chest has a 100% chance of giving an uncut dragonstone, as well as the possibility of various other items, such as coins, runes, and rune bars.

Products[edit | edit source]

Crystal key.png Crystal key
  • None

Dropped by[edit | edit source]

Bandit291Very rare
Barbarian161Very rare
Black Demon156; 1751Rare
Black Dragon2001Rare
Black Heather391Very rare
Black Knight461Very rare
Blue Dragon1051Very rare
Casket1Rare (~1/128)
Chaos Druid warrior441Very rare
Chaos Druid191Very rare
Chaos Dwarf591Very rare
Crystal chest1Uncommon (~5/128)
Donny the lad391Very rare
Dwarf181Very rare
Earth warrior521Very rare
Fire Giant1091Rare
Giant371Very rare
Greater Demon871Very rare
Gunthor the Brave371Very rare
Hobgoblin32; 481Very rare
Ice Giant681Very rare
Ice queen1031Very rare
Ice warrior571Very rare
Jailer511Very rare
Jogre581Very rare
King Black Dragon2451Rare
Lesser Demon791Very rare
Lord Darquarius761Very rare
Moss Giant621Very rare
Mountain Dwarf18; 281Very rare
Otherworldly being661Very rare
Paladin711Very rare
Pirate27; 301Very rare
Rare drop table1Very rare
Red Dragon1401Very rare
Renegade knight511Very rare
Salarin the twisted691Very rare
Shadow Warrior641Very rare
Skeleton21; 25; 31; 541Very rare
Speedy Keith391Very rare
Thug181Very rare
Tribesman391Very rare
White Knight561Very rare
Zombie19; 24; 321Very rare