Guard (Fight Arena)

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Guards are NPCs located around the Fight Arena. They are not possible to attack, but due to an oversight by Jagex, bots can sometimes be seen pickpocketing them with the same result as one would expect from pickpocketing a regular guard.

Players who talk to the ones equipped with a mace will always be engaged in combat. After the quest is completed, all the varieties of guards will attack the player if they are talked to.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They wear a Khazard helmet and Khazard chainmail. Some of them have a steel mace equipped.

Location[edit | edit source]

Bronze helmet[edit | edit source]

In the south building of the Fight Arena (1 spawn).

Iron helmet[edit | edit source]

In the northwest building around the Fight Arena (1 spawn).

Mace[edit | edit source]

Scattered around the Fight Arena (17 spawns).

Drops[edit | edit source]

These drop rates are estimated based on a mix of drop logs, videos, and at times, comparison to later code. See the talk page for more details.

100% drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity

Weapons and armour[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Bronze Long Sword.pngBronze Long Sword14Rare (~1/128)
Iron dagger.pngIron dagger12Common (~6/128)
Medium Bronze Helmet.pngMedium Bronze Helmet13Uncommon (~4/128)

Runes and ammunition[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Air-Rune.pngAir-Rune43Uncommon (~2/128)
Blood-Rune.pngBlood-Rune14Rare (~1/128)
Bronze Arrows.pngBronze Arrows23Uncommon (~2/128)
Bronze Arrows.pngBronze Arrows13Uncommon (~3/128)
Chaos-Rune.pngChaos-Rune14Rare (~1/128)
Earth-Rune.pngEarth-Rune13Uncommon (~2/128)
Fire-Rune.pngFire-Rune13Uncommon (~2/128)
Nature-Rune.pngNature-Rune14Rare (~1/128)

Coins[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Coins.pngCoins12Common (~38/128)
Coins.pngCoins42Common (~10/128)
Coins.pngCoins72Common (~16/128)
Coins.pngCoins122Common (~9/128)
Coins.pngCoins173Uncommon (~4/128)
Coins.pngCoins253Uncommon (~4/128)
Coins.pngCoins303Uncommon (~2/128)

Other[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Grain.pngGrain14Rare (~1/128)
Iron ore.pngIron ore14Rare (~1/128)