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This article is about the shop. For the minigame, see Gnome Restaurant (minigame).

Giannes tree gnome cuisine is a shop owned by Aluft Gianne and operated by his Gnome waiters in The Grand Tree. They sell premade versions of dishes made from Gnome cooking. Their slogan is "Eat green eat gnome cruisine" as seen on a giant sign in the middle of their restaurant.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Gnome Restaurant.png

in stock
sold at
bought at
Cheese and tomato batta (premade).pngcheese and tomato batta (premade)3Coins.png 120Coins.png 30
Toad batta (premade).pngtoad batta (premade)3Coins.png 120Coins.png 30
Worm batta (premade).pngworm batta (premade)3Coins.png 120Coins.png 30
Fruit batta (premade).pngfruit batta (premade)3Coins.png 120Coins.png 30
Veg batta (premade).pngVeg batta (premade)3Coins.png 120Coins.png 30
Chocolate bomb (premade).pngChocolate bomb (premade)3Coins.png 160Coins.png 40
Vegball (premade).pngVegball (premade)3Coins.png 150Coins.png 37
Worm hole (premade).pngworm hole (premade)3Coins.png 150Coins.png 37
Tangled toads legs (premade).pngTangled toads legs (premade)3Coins.png 160Coins.png 40
Choc crunchies (premade).pngChoc crunchies (premade)4Coins.png 85Coins.png 21
Worm crunchies (premade).pngWorm crunchies (premade)4Coins.png 85Coins.png 21
Toad crunchies (premade).pngToad crunchies (premade)4Coins.png 85Coins.png 21
Spice crunchies (premade).pngSpice crunchies (premade)4Coins.png 85Coins.png 21

Minigame[edit | edit source]

Main article: Gnome Restaurant (minigame)

Players can apply to work in the restaurant. However, the pay is low and the activity doesn't provide fast Cooking experience either. It is assumed to reward the Gianne badge, an item found in the game files.