Gnome Restaurant

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Gnome Restaurant
Gnome restaurant image.png

Released 12 December 2002 (Update)
Location Grand Tree, 1st floor[UK]
North-west side
Owner Gnome waiters (employees of Aluft Gianne)
Type of shop Food
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? None
Skills needed? None
A map of the Grand Tree's 1st floor[UK]. The restaurant is shown to the north-west.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Gnome Restaurant.png

Image Name Stock Price
Batta.png Cheese and tomato batta 3 120gp
Batta.png Toad batta 3 120gp
Worm batta.png Worm batta 3 120gp
Batta.png Fruit batta 3 120gp
Batta.png Veg batta 3 120gp
Chocolate bomb.png Chocolate bomb 3 160gp
Vegball.png Vegball 3 150gp
Worm hole.png Worm hole 3 150gp
Tangled toads legs.png Tangled toads legs 3 160gp
Crunchies.png Choc crunchies 4 85gp
Worm crunchies.png Worm crunchies 4 85gp
Crunchies.png Toad crunchies 4 85gp
Spice crunchies.png Spice crunchies 4 85gp

Minigame[edit | edit source]

Main article: Gnome Restaurant (minigame)

Players can apply to work in the restaurant. However, the pay is low and the activity doesn't provide fast Cooking experience either. It is assumed to reward the Gianne badge, an item found in the game files.