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Wooden Gate (closed).png

A gate is a piece of scenery used to access fenced areas. It can be opened and closed and its examine status reflects this state. It says either The gate is open or The gate is closed. Gates are sometimes used like doors to block and keep enemies or players away.

A large metal gate.

Special Gates[edit | edit source]

Messages[edit | edit source]

The Sinclair Mansion Guard Dog's gate can be investigated during the Murder Mystery quest. Investigating it prior and after the quest leads to:

You need the guards permission to do that

Investigating it during the quest places the following messages:

As you approach the gate the Guard Dog starts barking loudly at you
There is no way an intruder could have committed the murder
It must have been someone the dog knew to get past it quietly

Going through gate made of metal:

you go through the gate

Closing a gate made of wood:

The gate creaks shut

Opening a gate made of wood:

The gate swings open