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My view isn't quite represented in the poll. I think that it'll probably stay up as it is until Jagex either go out of business, or are bought out by another company in a possibly related situation. Actually I'm becoming convinced that with the current level of attention given to classic (see: none, not even fixing that java security issue) that Jagex might have actually forgotten where the server rooms are, haha. I'd really love for there to be a reopening though, or for Jagex to offer classic access through solomon's store or something for those who really want it - Guario

I think we'll most likely get a 2-4 week reopening sometime in 2016 for the 15th anniversary, then registration will either close permenantly or have one more reopening for the 20th, after that it'll probably be shut down in a few years time, go to open source or both. If the hypothetical reopening does happen and we see genuine interest in the game again (which we almost certainly won't) I think they may add some extra content, nothing special, maybe one or two minor things, but things that would make the game a little more enjoyable (again, if people start playing again which again, I suspect they won't after a month of it closing again) - Anon

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