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It would be nice if we could have Template:Switch infobox (possible applications: being able to have the Underground Pass dungeon maps full size on the quest page) and Template:Infobox monster multi (possible applications: goblin, skeleton, bear, etc). I tried but failed miserably. S (talk) 17:56, March 11, 2016 (UTC)

Are we using this here RuneScape:Lua? Let me give it a shot, I've been wanting to get into template making anyways. Edit: I was about to try some stuff, but thought better of it. I was going to start with duplicating this: Module:Switch infobox , then going through what you were contemplating(infobox and monster multi). I think I need to have a better understanding of what a module is here, and if any of the commands the module use's would even work. RSC King Kristof (talk) 20:30, March 14, 2016 (UTC)

Closed - Discussion died a while ago. Nex UndiqueTalk 04:58, 25 April 2020 (UTC)