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PHOTOS NEEDED : ++++++++++++Karamja-
dead mans chest (brimhaven pub)
jungle (scenery object and general screenshot)
jungle tree stump

===========Shilo Village Quest-
Shilo village quest (general pictures of quest)
Shilo village general store (picture of store with npc facing camera)
Fernahei's Fishing Shop (map and picture of store with npc facing camera)

===========Jungle Potion-
snake weed (scenery piece gotten from with item on the ground next to it)
ardigal (scenery piece gotten from with item on the ground next to it)

===Legends Quest-
Half buried corpse
Heavy metal gate
kharazi jungle
Ancient Wall

=====Gnome stuff-
Worm batta
Gnome restaurant
Gnome robes
Grand Tree groceries
Gulluck and Sons

Sale prices-
pearl bolt tips?
poisoned crossbow bolts?
poisoned rune spear?
poisoned mith spear?
poisoned steel spear?
poisoned iron spear?
poisoned bronze spear?
mithril seeds?

Dragon sword price @general store? @zanaris market?

Dragon axe sale price @general store? @dragon axe shop? bobs axes? brians axes?

Rune platelegs sale price? @ general store? @Scavvos? @louies?

Adamantite platelegs sale price @general store?
Mithril platelegs sale price @general store?
Black platelegs sale price @general store? @valaines?
Steel platelegs sale price @general store?
Bronze platelegs sale price @general store?

Rune plateskirt sale price? @ general store? @ranaels?
Adamantire plateskirt sale price @general store?
Mithril plateskirt sale price @general store?
Black plateskirt sale price  @general store? @raneals?
Steel plateskirt sale price @general store?
Iron Plateskirt sale price @general store?
Bronze plateskirt sale price @general store?

rune chainmail price @general store? @scavvos? @waynes?
adamantite chainmail sale price @general store?
mithril chainmail sale price @general store?
black chainmail sale price @general store? @waynes?
steel chainmail sale price @general store?
Bronze chainmail sale price @general store?

dragon square shield sale price @general store (Recheck)? @legends guild shop?
rune square shield sale price @general store?
adamant square shield sale price @general store?? @cassies?
mithril square shield sale price @general store?
black square shield sale price @general store? @cassies?
steel square shield sale price @general store?
bronze square shield sale price @general store?

large rune helmet sale price @peskas?
Large adam helmet sale price @general store?
large mithril helmet sale price @general store?
large black helmet sale price @general store? peskas?
large steel helmet sale price @general store?
large bronze helmet sale price @general store?

Medium dragon helmet sale price @general store?
Medium Rune helmet sale price @General store? @Scavvos? @peskas?
Medium adam helmet sale price @ general store?
Medium Mithril Helmet sale price @ general store?
medium black helmet sale price @general store? @peskas?
medium steel helmet sale price @general store?
medium bronze helmet sale price @general store?

runite bar sale price @ general store? @ drogos mining store?

~Equip stats of Staff of Armadyl?

~What does Khazard warlord drop?

~does the pearl from sea slug quest reward stack differently than other pearls in bank?

do they have higher value? do they retain different value if mixed with other stack?

~need to acquire stack of oysters and open them to assess item rates

~can you wield poison rune spear at lvl 1 attack?

~Rewrite Fight Arena guide

~confirm general store prices for khazard helmet

  • Hi, let me first apologize if this isn't the proper way to add a post to the thread, I have not done this before. I was checking out the Gnome Restaurant minigame in the hopes of finding more about the Gianne badge and Blurberry badge. I made some edits in the Food article, but there is still plenty to look at in that department, I remember the Whiskey item being buggy, it would apply its consumption effects twice when drank; healing for double and reducings stats by twice as much. *I looked at the poison spears besides rune and can personally confirm their information is correct, but I was also one of the people who had a hand editing them, I'm fairly certain classic is still in an 'open' state and new accounts can begin play in it, as long as they have membership, so the level 1 wield requirement should be easily accessible - Same goes for the poison throwing knives. *I believe the Staff of Armadyl gives stats of: Aim +7 and Power +3, I didn't equip it myself but the stats were listed on TheBishofAw's website I have found it to be a reliable resource.~~NoAddsPlz~~ Dec.25th 2017
  • Me again, I just thought I would add a reminder to anyone who may read this, we provide equipment's base stats when editing their page, this means that you will need to subtract 1 from all of the displayed values when you have just that item equipped to obtain it's bonuses. Otherwise, everything would give a minimum of 1 aim, power, armour, magic, prayer, and we all know party hats don't have any beneficial stats. Also many XP rewards under quests are a general estimate, usually calculated as if at level 50 in the relevant stat. Unlike rs2/rs3 which gives set amounts of experience as quest rewards, classic almost always rewards a lump sum + an additional amount scaled to your level currently. Example being XP Reward = [ 2000 + (Lvl * 75) ], some formulas are listed, if we could try to get those all corrected I think many people would appreciate it. NoAddsPlz (talk) 01:31, February 10, 2018 (UTC)

Closed - Discussion died a while ago. Nex UndiqueTalk 05:04, 25 April 2020 (UTC)