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Fishing spots are located all around RuneScape Classic . There are many different fish that can be caught, but the type of fish you catch depends on:

The first fishing method mentioned (e.g. Net / Bait) can be left-clicked and the second method (e.g. Net / Bait) must be right-clicked. The only available left-clickable Cage fishing spots are located in the Fishing Guild.

The following spots are available:

Fishing level Type Catches (#1) Catches (#2) Notes
1 / 5 Net / Bait Raw Shrimp.png Raw Shrimp, Raw Anchovies.png Raw Anchovies Raw Sardine.png Raw Sardine, Raw Herring.png Raw Herring Found on sea fishing spots
10 Bait (Hemenster) Raw giant carp.png Raw giant carp when using Red vine worms at the correct spot Raw Sardine.png Raw Sardine when using Fishing Bait Described as "lure" spot. Instantly gives the player the fish, at the cost of no xp received. The spot by the oak tree gives Raw Sardine when using Red vine worms and Raw Shrimp when using Fishing Bait. The player must make use of the Drop trick to retain some of the catches.
20 / 26 Lure / Bait Raw Trout.png Raw Trout, Raw Salmon.png Raw Salmon Raw Pike.png Raw Pike Found on river fishing spots
35 / 40 Harpoon / Cage Raw Tuna.png Raw Tuna, Raw Swordfish.png Raw Swordfish Raw Lobster.png Raw Lobster Described as spot to catch lobsters
16 / 76 Net / Harpoon Raw Cod.png Raw Cod, Raw Mackerel.png Raw Mackerel, Raw Bass.png Raw Bass, Casket.png Casket, Junk items Raw Shark.png Raw Shark When doing big net fishing and the player is below level 46, the player is not notified when failing to get a catch
53 Lava (Bait) Raw lava eel.png Raw lava eel Guarded by Baby blue dragons

Fishing spot locations are listed in the Fishing article

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