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Femi[edit | edit source]

Before entering the stronghold[edit | edit source]

Attempting to talk to her[edit | edit source]

(the little gnome is too busy to talk)

After you help her (while not on quest)[edit | edit source]

  • (the little gnome is too busy to talk)

Attempting to enter the stronghold[edit | edit source]

  • Femi: hello there
  • Player: hi
  • Femi: could you help me lift this barrel
  • Femi: it's really heavy
    • sorry i'm a bit busy
      • Player: sorry i'm a bit busy
      • Femi: oh, ok, i'll do it myself
    • ok then
      • Player: ok then
      • Femi: thanks traveller
      • you help the gnome lift the barrel
      • it's very heavy and quite hard work
      • {note: nothing physically happens}
      • Femi: thanks again friend

After you get the invoice from the Shipyard foreman[edit | edit source]

  • Player: i[sic] can't believe they won't let me in
  • Femi: i[sic] don't believe all this rubbish about an invasion
  • Femi: if mankind wanted to, they could have invaded before now
  • Player: i[sic] really need to see king shareem
  • Player: could you help sneak me in
  • Femi: well, as you helped me i[sic] suppose i[sic] could
  • Femi: we'll have to be careful
  • Femi: if i[sic] get caught i'll[sic] be in the cage
  • Player: ok, what should i[sic] do
  • Femi: jump in the back of the cart
  • Femi: it's a food delivery, we should be fine
  • (you hide in the cart)
  • (femi covers you with a sheet...)
  • (...and drags the cart to the gate)
  • (femi pulls you into the stronghold)
  • Femi: ok traveller,[sic] you'd better get going
  • Player: thanks again femi
  • Femi: that's ok, all the best