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Players crowding in the Party room in hopes of getting an item

Drop parties are events in which players drop items for various reasons such as simple fun, as holiday or anniversary events, or to have others share in their achievements in the game. Because items which are dropped by a player do not appear immediately, this creates an atmosphere of surprise where players race to try to pick the items up when they first appear. The items which players tend to drop at these events may range from junk such as tin ore to extremely valuable Runite and Dragon equipment, with discontinued rare items being the most sought after.

Finding drop parties[edit | edit source]

Drop parties may be held in the Seers' Village Party room, but they may occur anywhere in Gielinor. During peak popularity of Classic it was not uncommon to see massive amounts of players following one another in a massive train telling everyone about the drop party that about to occur- a tradition that has carried on throughout Jagex's successors to RuneScape Classic. Drop parties were sometimes advertised in the Community section of the RuneScape Classic Forums on the official RuneScape website prior to their removal after the indefinite closing of all Classic servers on 6 August 2018. However it should be noted that sometimes these events may be held privately for groups of friends or clan-mates.