Drogo's Mining Emporium

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Drogo's Mining Emporium is a mining shop located in the Dwarven Mine. It is one of the only ore shops in the game.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Hammer.pnghammer4Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Bronze Pickaxe.pngBronze Pickaxe4Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Copper ore.pngcopper ore0Coins.png 3Coins.png 2
Tin ore.pngtin ore0Coins.png 3Coins.png 2
Iron ore.pngiron ore0Coins.png 17Coins.png 11
Coal.pngcoal0Coins.png 45Coins.png 31
Bronze bar.pngbronze bar0Coins.png 8Coins.png 5
Iron bar.pngiron bar0Coins.png 28Coins.png 19
Gold bar.pnggold bar0Coins.png 300Coins.png 210