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The Dragon sword (often referred to as the Dragon Longsword) is the second most powerful weapon available. It requires completion of the Lost City quest and level 60 attack to wield. Since it is a one-handed weapon, it can be used in conjunction with a shield, allowing for additional Defense bonuses.

The Dragon Sword can be purchased from the Dragon Sword Shop in Zanaris marketplace, entrance to the marketplace will cost the player one cut diamond. Jakut has 2 in stock per world at 100,000 coins each. You may own an unlimited number of Dragon swords.

Although the dragon sword is not as powerful as the Dragon battleaxe, it has the highest WeaponAim bonus of any weapon, leading some players to favour it over the axe in some situations.

It has no special attack as these were not a feature in RuneScape Classic. The Dragon sword was more appropriately named Dragon Longsword in Runescape 2 to better match its attributes.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Sword ShopZanaris market2Coins.png 100,000Coins.png 60,000Member icon.png