Dragon medium Helmet

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The Dragon medium Helmet provides the highest Armour bonus in RuneScape Classic of any helmet and requires a Defense level of 60 to wear. It is a rare drop from some of the strongest monsters in the game and as a result is quite expensive, and players may sell them for as much as 1-2 million coins. It was the third piece of dragon equipment and the first piece of dragon armour released. It is now one of four dragon pieces of equipment in RuneScape Classic, and one of two pieces of dragon armour.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Black Demon (Grand tree)175 1Extremely rare (~1/16,384)
Black Demon156 1Extremely rare (~1/16,384)
Black Dragon200 1Very rare (~1/8,192)
Fire Giant109 1Extremely rare (~1/16,384)
King Black Dragon245 1Very rare (~1/2,048)
King Black Dragon245 1Rare (~1/128)
Rare drop tableN/A 1Rare (~1/128)