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Unlike later, upon release the crafting skill was very limited. Players were only able to obtain wool from sheep by using shears on them, and then spin the wool on a spinning wheel to turn it into a ball of wool. Early on balls of wool were needed solely for quests Sheep shearer and Prince Ali rescue, and making the balls likely did not grant any crafting experience[1][2][3]. This changed on 8 May 2001, when crafting was expanded to include cutting gems, making gold and gem jewellery, and making pottery from soft clay. Soon after, on 23 June 2001, new additions to crafting were introduced with Leather crafting, which was originally envisioned as part of the Tailoring skill. Silver and the creation of Holy Symbols of Saradomin were added on 12 July 2001.

However, the level requirements and the experience rewards for some crafting activities were changed from the initial requirements, some even multiple times. Evidence suggests that most of the final revisions for those listed in this article were set when members launched on 27 February 2002. Silverion of wrote on 6 March 2002: "Crafting page Updated new levels and expereinces for lather, pottery, and for cutting gems, we still need confermation of all changed cutting experiences pls. All changes added to calculator page too." [4]. Similarly, on the first available snapshot of's crafting guide after members was launched, the level requirements and experience rewards were updated when compared to the snapshot from just eight days before members was launched [5][6].

This article attempts to list only the changes.

Leather working[edit | edit source]

Working on higher tier leather used to be easier in terms of level requirements.

Image Name Level to make
Initial [4] Final
Leather Gloves.png Leather gloves 1 1
Boots.png Boots 2 7
Leather Armour.png Leather armour 7 14

Pottery[edit | edit source]

Making pottery used to have lower level requirements as well, and used to give less experience too when compared to later times.

Image Name Level to make Experience (unfired) Total Experience
Initial [5] Final Initial [5] Final Initial [5][7] Final
Pot.png Pot 1 1 6.25 6.25 6.25 12.5
Pie dish.png Pie dish 3 4 7.5 15 15 25
Bowl.png Bowl 5 7 7.5 10 15 25

Gems[edit | edit source]

The level requirements for cutting gems were changed twice after it was first made possible on 8 May 2001. The first change was made within the first few months into gem cutting, as the earliest snapshot of's crafting guide from 24 November 2001 already shows the partially changed requirements[8]. After the final change, players could make some of the gem jewellery before they could even cut the gem in question. This was due to the level requirements for making gem jewellery staying the same as they initially were throughout the whole span of the game.

The experience rewards of cutting gems were also changed, but because experience was made visible in the skill menu only on 13 August 2001, it remains unknown how many times they were tweaked.

Image Name Level to cut Experience
Initial [4] [9] Midway [5] Final Initial Midway [7] Final
Uncut sapphire.png Sapphire.png Sapphire 8 5 20 12.5 50
Uncut emerald.png Emerald.png Emerald 13 12 27 17.5 67.5
Uncut ruby.png Ruby.png Ruby 20 20 34 22.5 85
Uncut diamond.png Diamond.png Diamond 28 28 43 27.5 107.5

Gold jewellery[edit | edit source]

Gold jewellery was likewise to face changes to its level requirements, as upon release on 8 May 2001 they required the same levels as their sapphire counterparts. These initial requirements were quickly deemed unsuitable, as by 25 May 2001 they had already been changed to what they remained also later on [9].

Image Name Level to make
Initial [4] Final
Gold ring.png Gold ring 8 5
Gold necklace.png Gold necklace 10 6
Gold Amulet.png Gold amulet 13 8

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