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cow hide
Cow hide.png

Released 23 June 2001 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 0gp
Low alch 0gp
Shop price 1gp - General Store
Sale price 0gp - General Store
Examine I should take this to the tannery

Cow hides are an item obtained as a drop from cows and used in Crafting. They are tanned into leather by a Tanner, then used to make leather armour, leather gloves, or boots by using the leather with a needle when there is thread in the player's inventory.

Dropped by[edit | edit source]

They are dropped by:

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cow 8 1 1Always

Trivia[edit | edit source]