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Count Draynor is a monster who lives in the crypt below Draynor Manor (which he owns). He is the vampire who is attacking Draynor Village for blood during the night, which leaves citizens afraid they're next. He is the central focus and boss monster of the Vampire Slayer quest, after which he is presumed dead and no longer a problem.

Though the player must kill him whilst wielding a stake, they can fight him with any weapon of their choosing before striking the final blow, which makes fighting him significantly easier.

Players can also use Ranged or Magic on him until he's low on health before finishing the fight with melee.

Players weakening the vampire having a garlic with them will receive the message The vampire appears to weaken. Should the player not deliver the final hit with a stake, the vampire regenerates if he is at low health, doing so gives the message The vampire seems to regenerate.

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  • Rich players with thousands of Runes can take advantage of the Count's invincibility by maging him behind an object without a stake. This allows for fast experience without the need to change targets, pickup loot, etc.
  • Players can summon multiple Counts by "safe-spotting" him, then search the coffin again.
  • He was the strongest quest monster in RuneScape Classic between 28 January 2001 - 23 September 2001 before being succeeded by Elvarg.
  • There is a Bronze Medium Helmet spawn next to his coffin.

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