Chalice of eternity

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The chamber of the chalice

Chalice of eternity is an important scenery object located in Waterfall dungeon and featured in the Waterfall Quest. When the player lands in the chamber, the chalice is above the players reach. In order to be able to reach they must rise the ground by placing 1 Water-Rune, 1 Earth-Rune and 1 Air-Rune on each of the 6 Stone stands and the Glarial's amulet in the Statue of glarial.

Once the player is able to reach the chalice, it gets an empty option which can either:

Case: Flood the player

  • This case happens when attempting to empty the chalice before using the Glarial's urn on the chalice and quest hasn't been finished
Player flooded after emptying the Chalice without using Glarial's urn
as you touch the chalice it tips over
it falls to the floor
you hear a gushing of water
water floods into the cavern
Player: ouch!
[player is dealt with some small[Clarify] damage]
you tumble over the water fall
and are washed up by the river side

Case: Award the player with quest reward

Chalice of eternity and Statue of glarial
  • This case happens when using the Glarial's urn on the chalice, not having finished the quest
you carefully poor[sic] the ashes in the chalice
as you remove the baxtorian treasure
the chalice remains standing
inside you find a mithril case
containing 40 seeds
two diamond's[sic] and two gold bars
You haved[sic] gained 1 quest point!
you have completed the Baxtorian waterfall quest
[If the player advances a strength level]
You just advanced X strength level!
[If the player advances an attack level]
You just advanced Y attack level!

Case: Do nothing

  • This case happens after quest has been completed
Nothing interesting happens

Examine: A magically elevated chalice full of treasure

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