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Cats are fully grown kittens, which can be obtained from gertrude after completing Gertrude's Cat. Their only use is to trade them for 25 death-runes to civillians in West Ardougne. Once you have fully grown cats and only fully grown cats, you can purchase another kitten from Gertrude.

If a player uses their cat on a level 2 Rat the following message is displayed:

"the cat pounces on the rat...
...and quickly gobbles it up it returns to your satchel licking it's paws"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cat from the Underground Pass quest can be dropped and will not run away, unlike normal Cats.
  • Unlike kittens, the cat does not feature a stroke option.
  • The breed of cat used for the sprite appears to be a Seal Point Himalayan.