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Examine: A farm cart

A cart is a piece of scenery found around Gielinor. There is no way to interact with it other than to examine it. In the quest Monk's Friend player must help Brother Cedric to fix his broken cart with Logs.

Shilo Village[edit | edit source]

A farm cart is one of the entrance gates into Shilo Village. It blocks the UndeadOnes and can be searched to hop over. Its examine text is: It is blocking the entrance to the village

The other two gates that make up the entrance to Shilo Village are Metal Gate and Wooden Gate.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Cart located just outside Shilo Village

Searching the cart when 100% fatigued:

It looks as if you can climb across.
You search the cart.
You are too fatigued to attempt climb across

Searching when not 100% fatigued:

It looks as if you can climb across.
You search the cart.
You may be able to climb across the cart.
Would you like to try?
Yes. I am am[sic] very nimble and agile
You climb up onto the cart
You nimbly jump from one side of the cart to the other.
No, I am happy where I am thanks!
You think better of clambering over the cart, you might get dirty.
Player: I'd probably have just scraped my knees up as well.

Looking[Verify] at the cart:

You approach the cart and see undead creatures gathering by the village gates.
There is a note attached to the cart.
The note says,
Danger deadly green mist do not enter if you value your life
Mosol: You must be a maniac to go in there!

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