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The Cape of legends is the one of many rewards for completing Legend's Quest, which is the final quest released Runescape Classic. It has the appearance of a plain white cape, and it can be purchased from the Legends' Guild Shop for 675 coins after completing Legend's Quest. It being worn is a symbol that the player has completed the final quest.

Significance[edit | edit source]

It is widely considered the best cape in RuneScape Classic due to its armour bonus of 7- however, the god capes have a much higher magic bonus than the Legends' Cape, therefore the Legends' Cape is not the best for Magic. This is the most time consuming cape that a RuneScape Classic player can work towards obtaining.

History[edit | edit source]

  • It was possible to equip a Cape of Legends without even starting the quest if during the transition to RuneScape 2, a player bought a legends cape on RuneScape 2 then transferred it back to RuneScape Classic, as was allowed for during that time.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

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