Camelot Castle

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Sinclair Mansion
Seer's Village Camelot Castle White Wolf Mountain
Keep LeFaye

Camelot Castle is a castle north-west of Catherby and east of Seers' Village. It is used in Merlin's Crystal and The Holy Grail quests and it is the home of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The castle itself is made up of northern main floors and two southern three-storey towers. The southeastern tower has a Giant crystal with Merlin in it. During the Merlin's Crystal he is freed but the scenery is glitched and the crystal stays there even after the quest.

In the second floor there is an altar, a library and Merlins room with 2 Fire-Runes.

There are four fountains in the castle yard and one more in the park northeast. The pillar circle in the park is marked by a pentagram and it is important location for Merlin's Crystal.

Knights of the Round Table[edit | edit source]

The legendary Round Table

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