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Examine: A leafy bush

A bush is a piece of scenery found all over Gielinor. Usually bushes can only be examined but in Digsite and near Watchtower some bushes can be searched.

Digsite[edit | edit source]

During the Digsite (quest) a bush may be searched to find a Rock Sample.

Watchtower[edit | edit source]

Clue Locations
Search the bushes for clues.

During the Watchtower (quest) the bushes north of the tower may be searched to find clues to show the Watchtower wizards.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Before starting the quest:

Player: I am not sure why I am searching this bush...

After player has started the quest but searching a bush that contains nothing:

Player: Hmmm, nothing here

Searching the bush containing Armour (Watchtower):

Player: Here's Some armour, it could be evidence...

Searching the bush containing eye patch:

Player: I've found an eyepatch, I better show this to the wizards

Searching the bush containing Dagger (Watchtower):

Player: Aha a dagger
Player: I wonder if this is evidence...

Searching the bush containing fingernails:

"Disgusting! some fingernails
They may be a clue though... I'd better take them"

Searching the bush containing Robe:

Player: Aha! a robe
Player: This could be a clue...

Searching a bush again while player already has the item*:

Player: Hmmm, nothing here

*This does not apply to the armour or dagger bushes, as those bushes will give the players duplicate items while they hold the item in their inventory

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