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Burnt food is the result of failing to cook food when training the Cooking skill. Burning food can happen when the player's Cooking level is not much higher than the level requirement to cook the food. When cooking, using a range rather than an open fire will decrease the chances of burning it. Most food has a certain Cooking level at which it will become impossible to burn. This level requirement can be decreased when a player is wearing gauntlets of cooking. Selling burnt food yields 0gp from general stores.

Types of burnt food[edit | edit source]

Item Raw version Lowest Cooking level
Burntmeat.png burntmeat Raw beef 1
Burntbread.png burntbread bread dough 1
Burntpie.png burntpie Uncooked apple pie, Uncooked meat pie, Uncooked redberry pie 10
Burnt Pizza.png Burnt Pizza Uncooked Pizza 35
Burnt Cake.png Burnt Cake Uncooked cake 40
Burnt Stew.png Burnt Stew Uncooked stew 25
Burnt fish (tuna).png Burnt fish (tuna) Raw Tuna, Raw Bass 30
Burnt fish (herring).png Burnt fish (herring) Raw Herring, Raw giant carp, Raw Mackerel, Raw Pike 5
Burnt fish (sardine).png Burnt fish (sardine) Raw Sardine, Raw Trout, Raw Cod, Raw Salmon 5
Burnt fish (shrimp).png Burnt fish (shrimp) Raw Shrimp, Raw Anchovies 1
Burnt Swordfish.png Burnt Swordfish Raw Swordfish 45
Burnt Lobster.png Burnt Lobster Raw Lobster 74
Burnt Shark.png Burnt Shark Raw Shark 80
Burnt Sea turtle.png Burnt Sea turtle Raw Sea turtle 82
Burnt Manta ray.png Burnt Manta ray Raw Manta ray 91
Burnt curry.png Burnt curry Uncooked curry 60
Gnomebatta (burnt).png Gnomebatta (burnt) gnomebatta dough 25
Gnomebowl (burnt).png Gnomebowl (burnt) gnomebowl dough 30
Gnomecrunchie (burnt).png Gnomecrunchie (burnt) gnomecrunchie dough 15