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Bubbles (sometimes referred to as overhead items) are sprites shown above players' heads when performing many different actions in RuneScape Classic. Creating complex animations requires memory and time, especially for 2-dimensional sprites such as those used for players, which need to be painstakingly redrawn for each frame. Thus, role-playing aids such as text in the chat box and bubbles are used instead. Generally speaking a bubble will appear for gathering skills when using the appropriate tool with the resource scenery (fishing spot, mining rock, or tree), for production skills when interacting with the helper resource scenery (furnace, anvil, range, potter's wheel, pottery oven, spinning wheel), when attempting to get something from scenery such as water, sand, wool, rock samples, and when opening 'special' doors or after doing intermediate steps.

They are almost always the same as an item's icon.

Bubbles appear for the following actions:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mining Blurite ore does not produce the mining bubble.
  • Fishing Giant Carp does not produce the fishing bubble.
  • Using a Rock pick at the incorrect digging site will not give a bubble.
  • When moulding soft clay or smithing with Doric's anvil, the bubble appears before the player selects what to make.
  • Cutting an opal is the only gem that produces a chisel bubble. None of the other precious or regular gems produce it.
  • The only bubbles that appear for Herblaw are for quest related items.
  • Actions that require distinct elements in the player's inventory will show the bubble of the first item used, for instance if making steel bars and using first iron ore on furnace, the iron bubble will be shown. If making molten glass and soda ash is first used then that will be shown.
  • Whilst using bat bones on a Pestle and mortar shows the bones bubbles, using A lump of Charcoal on the pestle and mortar does not follow the same rule and instead the Pestle and mortar bubble is shown.
  • As opposed to woodcutting showing the axe that was used, when mining only one pickaxe bubble is shown, not depending on the pickaxe used. This was since variations of pickaxes came after bubbles were implemented.
  • If player is too tired to mine a rock, as opposed to other skills like woodcutting and fishing where no bubble is shown on being tired, the bubble shown is of the pickaxe that would have been used to do the mining.
  • Drinking or making gnome cocktails will not produce a bubbles.
  • Swapping the order for the items used at each step of the Ogre potion changes the skilling bubble. The same, however, does not hold for the Explosive compound.
  • RuneScape 3 features Skilling speech bubbles, a discontinued piece of content which is a reference to the skilling bubbles in Classic.
  • RuneScape 3's classic cape used to produce the Rune bar, Rune axe (hatchet), and Rune arrows (nonexistent bubble in classic). This was later changed to produce only the hatchet bubble.

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