Bridge Blockade

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Bridge Blockade is an agility obstacle on the bridge to Cairn Isle in Karamja. It requires level 32 Agility to cross and grants no experience when successfully completed. Failing to cross it will result in the player falling into the water below and taking repeated damage.

Right click options

Messages[edit | edit source]


Someone has put this here to prevent access to the other side.
The remainder of the bridge looks even more rickety..


The bridge beyond this fence looks very unsafe.
However, you could try to negotiate it if you're feeling very agile.
Would you like to try?
No thanks! It looks far too dangerous!
You decide that common sense is the better part of valour.
And stop yourself from being hurled to what must be an
inevitable death.
Yes, I'm totally brave and quite agile!
You prepare to negotiate the bridge fence...
You run and jump...
[If player crosses]
...and land perfectly on the other side!
[If player fails]
...slip and fall incompetently into the river below!
Player: * Ahhhhhhhhhh! *
Player: * Gulp! *
Player: * Gulp! *
You just manage to drag your pitiful frame onto the river bank.
Player: * Gasp! *
Though you nearly drowned in the river!

Failure Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The blockade is identical in appearance to Barrier and Fence.