Blurberry's Bar

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Blurberry's Bar
Blur bar.png
Location The Grand Tree
NPCs Blurberry barman
Monsters None
Drinks sold Gnome cocktails
Other info None
The Grand Tree map 2.png

Blurberry's Bar is a pub on the 1st floor[UK] of The Grand Tree. Blurberry owns the shop and the Blurberry barman sell the gnomish drinks. Blurberry Bar.png

Stock[edit | edit source]

Image Name Stock Price
Fruit blast.png Fruit Blast 10 30gp
Fruit blast.png Blurberry special 10 30gp
Fruit blast.png Wizard blizzard 10 30gp
Fruit blast.png Pineapple punch 10 30gp
Fruit blast.png SGG 10 30gp
Chocolate saturday.png Chocolate saturday 10 30gp
Chocolate saturday.png Drunk dragon 10 30gp

Minigame[edit | edit source]

Main article: Blurberry's Bar (minigame)

Players can apply to work in the bar. However, the pay is low and the activity doesn't provide fast Cooking experience either. It is assumed to reward Blurberry badge, an item found from the game files.