Blue dragon scale

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A blue dragon scale is an item that can be used in Herblaw to make potions. It is one of the two items in Herblaw to be needed to be ground up before putting in a potion; the other item being a Unicorn Horn.

Use[edit | edit source]

A blue dragon scale is required to to create weapon poison, which can be a benefit in combat when added to daggers or arrows for PvP situations.

  1. In order to create weapon poison, a player must first obtain a scale, which spawns inside of the Blue dragons chamber in Taverley dungeon. The Dusty key is needed to access this area.
  2. The scale is then used on a pestle and mortar which will create a ground blue dragon scale.
  3. Using the ground scale on a vial with water mixed with a kwuarm will produce a weapon poison.
  4. The weapon poison may then be applied to a dagger or arrows, creating a poisoned dagger, or 5 poisoned arrows.

Item spawns[edit | edit source]