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Blue dragons are the weakest type of dragon in RuneScape Classic, and they are popular for training combat among high-levelled players because of their dragon bones. They can be found within the Taverley dungeon, Ogre Enclave and in the basement of the Hero's Guild. To train at the Hero's Guild, you will need to have completed the Hero's Quest.

Blue dragons that are found in the Ogre Enclave are only accessible during Watchtower quest. The cave entrance to the enclave gets walled in after the quest.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

These dragons are powerful. It is suggested that you either bring good food, or use Paralyze Monster. If you plan to train in the Taverley dungeon, it is suggested that you bring restore prayer potions so that you can replenish your Prayer points. However, if you plan to train on the blue dragons beneath the Hero's Guild, you will not need these potions, as there is an altar on the top floor of the guild.

Recommended equipment

  • Anti-dragon shield (If you do not have this equipped, you are likely to suffer massive damage from the dragons' fire)


Locations[edit | edit source]

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

These drop rates are estimated based on a mix of drop logs, videos, and at times, comparison to later code. See the talk page for more details.

100% drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon Bones.pngDragon Bones11Always

Weapons and armour[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Large Adamantite Helmet.pngLarge Adamantite Helmet14Rare (~1/128)
Mithril Kite Shield.pngMithril Kite Shield14Rare (~1/128)
Rune dagger.pngRune dagger14Rare (~1/128)
Mithril Spear.pngMithril Spear13Uncommon (~2/128)
Steel battle Axe.pngSteel battle Axe13Uncommon (~3/128)
Mithril Axe.pngMithril Axe13Uncommon (~3/128)
Steel Plate Mail Legs.pngSteel Plate Mail Legs13Uncommon (~4/128)

Runes and ammunition[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Fire-Rune.pngFire-Rune254Rare (~1/128)
Law-Rune.pngLaw-Rune23Uncommon (~3/128)
Nature-Rune.pngNature-Rune103Uncommon (~5/128)
Water-Rune.pngWater-Rune502Common (~8/128)

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Herb (Guam leaf).pngHerb (Guam leaf)13Uncommon (~15/512)
Herb (Marrentill).pngHerb (Marrentill)13Uncommon (~45/2,048)
Herb (Tarromin).pngHerb (Tarromin)13Uncommon (~135/8,192)
Herb (Harralander).pngHerb (Harralander)13Uncommon (~105/8,192)
Herb (Ranarr Weed).pngHerb (Ranarr Weed)13Uncommon (~165/16,384)
Herb (Irit Leaf).pngHerb (Irit Leaf)14Rare (~15/2,048)
Herb (Avantoe).pngHerb (Avantoe)14Rare (~45/8,192)
Herb (Kwuarm).pngHerb (Kwuarm)14Rare (~75/16,384)
Herb (Cadantine).pngHerb (Cadantine)14Rare (~15/4,096)
Herb (Dwarf Weed).pngHerb (Dwarf Weed)14Rare (~45/16,384)

Coins[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Coins.pngCoins4404Rare (~1/128)
Coins.pngCoins113Uncommon (~5/128)
Coins.pngCoins2002Common (~10/128)
Coins.pngCoins1322Common (~25/128)
Coins.pngCoins442Common (~29/128)

Other[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity
Adamantite ore.pngAdamantite ore13Uncommon (~3/128)
Bass.pngBass23Uncommon (~3/128)
Bass.pngBass13Uncommon (~3/128)

Rare drop table[edit | edit source]

There is a 5/128 chance of rolling the gem drop table.

Item Quantity Rarity
Uncut sapphire.pngUncut sapphire14Rare (~1/102.4)
Uncut emerald.pngUncut emerald14Rare (~1/204.8)
Uncut ruby.pngUncut ruby14Rare (~1/409.6)
Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond15Very rare (~1/1,638.4)
Half of a key (loop).pngHalf of a key (loop)15Very rare (~1/3,276.8)
Half of a key (tooth).pngHalf of a key (tooth)15Very rare (~1/3,276.8)
Half Dragon Square Shield (left).pngHalf Dragon Square Shield (left)16Extremely rare (~1/139,810.13)
Rune Spear.pngRune Spear16Extremely rare (~1/419,430.4)