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The Beehive is a piece of scenery, located within the Sinclair Mansion's garden and also west of Catherby. It plays a role in the Merlin's Crystal quest and a bucket is used on it to get Wax Bucket for the Candlemaker.

Related system/chat messages[edit | edit source]

  • Using the insect repellant is effective until the player uses a bucket on the beehive and produces the following chat/system messages:
    • (you squirt insect repellant on the beehive)
    • (You see bees leaving the hive)
  • Using a bucket on the hive
    • After insect repellant has been applied
      • (You try to get some wax from the beehive)
      • (You get some wax from the hive)
      • {Bucket of Wax is added to the player inventory}
      • (The bees fly back to the hive as the repellant wears off)
    • Before insect repellant has been applied
      • (You try to get some wax from the beehive)
      • (Suddenly bees fly out of the hive and sting you)
      • {Player is hit for 2 damage- this effect may be repeated until death}

During Murder Mystery the beehive in Sinclair Mansion must be investigated under Guards supervision if Bob Sinclair is suspected guilty or the player hasn't been able to determine between the six members of the family.

Investigating it prior the start of the quest and after its completion:

(You need the guards permission to do that)

Investigating it after accepting the quest:

(Its[sic] a very old beehive)

Investigating it after the player has spoken with the Poison Salesman and the distinct family members leads to two cases. One in which Bob used the poison on the beehive (not guilty) and one in which he didn't (guilty).

Investigating when Bob is not guilty:

(The hive is empty. There are a few dead bees and)
(a faint smell of poison)

Investigating when Bob is guilty:

(The beehive buzzes with activity)
(These bees definitely don't seem poisoned at all)