Barrel (Nitroglycerin)

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There are three barrels in the Digsite that can be opened by using a trowel on them. The barrels contain Unidentified liquid, which when identified turns out to be Nitroglycerin.

Game Messages[edit | edit source]

Opening the barrel with a trowel makes the player say: Great, it's opened it![sic]

Players who 'search' the opened barrel will get the messages:

You search the barrel
The barrel has a foul-smelling liquid inside...
Player: I can't pick this up with my bare hands!
Player: I'll need something to put it in

Players who use a Vial on the opened barrel will get the following messages:

You fill the vial with the liquid
You close the barrel
Player: I'm not sure what this stuff is
Player: I had better be very careful with it
Player: I had better not spill any I think...

Gallery[edit | edit source]