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A Barcrawl card is given to you at the Barbarian Outpost when you agree to do the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl. This card will track your progress with the bar crawl. When it say you are too drunk to read the card, then you have completed the bar crawl.

You need to go to various pubs and buy beer from these pubs, once you have drunk the beer the Bartender will sign your Barcrawl card.

When read (and it hasn't been completed) it says:

The official Alfred Grimhand barcrawl
The jolly boar inn - not completed*
The blue moon inn - not completed*
The rising sun - not completed*
The dead man's chest - not completed*
The forester's arms - not completed*
The rusty anchor - not completed*

*On complete it turns not completed into completed

When read and the player has completed it, it says:

You are to drunk to be able to read the barcrawl card

List of bars[edit | edit source]