Arrow heads

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Arrow Heads are items used in the Fletching skill. They are made via the Smithing skill, and one Bar makes 10 arrowheads. To make Arrows, use a Knife with Logs to make Arrow shafts, then use the Feathers with the Arrow Shafts to create 10 Headless arrows. After that, use arrowheads with the Headless arrows to create 10 arrows.

Picture Metal Smithing Level Smithing Experience Fletching level Fletching Experience
Bronze arrow heads.png Bronze 5 12.5 exp per bar 1 12.5 exp per 10 heads
Iron arrow heads.png Iron 20 25 exp per bar 15 25 exp per 10 heads
Steel arrow heads.png Steel 35 37.5 exp per bar 30 50 exp per 10 heads
Mithril arrow heads.png Mithril 55 50 exp per bar 45 75 exp per 10 heads
Adamantite arrow heads.png Adamant 75 62.5 exp per bar 60 100 exp per 10 heads
Rune arrow heads.png Rune 90 75 exp per bar 75 125 exp per 10 heads