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The symbol of Armadyl.

Armadyl is a god who is largely unknown in Gielinor. He is the god of Law and Supreme Justice and most likely ruler of the skies. Most are unaware that there are more gods besides Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak. Among his last remaining followers are the Guardians of Armadyl, who guard the legendary god weapon, the Staff of Armadyl, discovered in the Temple of Ikov quest, who claim that there are at least twenty gods. He is often associated with Aviansie, his patron race. The Staff of Armadyl is an elder artefact that Armadyl found, adorned it with Armadylian wings and decorations and finally named it the Staff of Armadyl.

Departure from Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Because of various Saradominist and Zamorakian creatures, the Aviansie, Armadyl's patron race, were and still are, on the brink of extinction after many of them were wiped out. When Armadyl saw this he was so upset he couldn't bear to stay on Gielinor any longer and he left Gielinor and so far has not been seen or heard from for a few thousand years.

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