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Armadyl is a god who is largely unknown in Gielinor. Most are unaware that there are more gods besides Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak. His last known remaining followers are the Guardians of Armadyl who claim that there are at least twenty gods, but refer to Armadyl as their master. Them and generations before them protect a sacred object, the Staff of Armadyl, as featured in the Temple of Ikov quest, until Armadyl comes back to "smite his enemies".

Mahjarrat (such as Lucien and "Azzanadra" (not otherwise featured in RSC)) would become extremely powerful if they were able to obtain the Staff of Armadyl. If discovered that you are working for the Mahjarrat, the guardians of Armadyl will either suggest that you have your soul cleansed in a Bowl of water, or will engage in combat to protect the Staff of Armadyl.

The Staff of Armadyl is adorned with a yellow orb on top, but otherwise appears like any normal elemental staff. When wielded, the yellow orb is not evident, similar to the elemental staves.