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Ana in a barrel is a quest item used by the player during the Tourist Trap quest. It is the result of using a Mining Barrel on Ana, which is used to smuggle her out of the Desert Mining Camp she has been imprisoned in.

The barrel has a look option. When the player looks it triggers the following message and dialogue:

"Ana looks pretty angry, she starts shouting at you.
Ana: Get me out of here!
Ana: Do you hear me!
Ana: Get me out of here I say!"

Dropping the barrel triggers the following messages:

  • Are you sure you want to drop this?
    • Yes, I'm sure.
      • [Player is inside the Camp]
        • You drop the barrel to the floor and Ana gets out.
        • Ana: How dare you put me in that barrel you barbarian!
        • Ana's outburst attracts the guards, they come running over.
        • Mercenary: Hey! What's going on here then?
        • You are under attack!
        • The guards drag Ana away and then throw you into a cell.
      • [Player has escaped from the Camp]
      • Ana: You can't drop me here!
      • Ana: I'll die in the desert on my own!
      • Ana: Take me back to the Shantay pass.
  • Erm, no I've had second thoughts.
    • You think twice about dropping the barrel to the floor.
  • Using the barrel on the Mining Cart players get the following messages:

    "You place Ana (In the barrel) carefully on the cart.
    This was the last barrel to go on the cart,
    but the cart driver doesn't seem to be in any rush to get going.
    And the desert heat will soon get to Ana."

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • If a player drops the barrel, Ana will climb out of it, and she will appear in the mines again.
    • Players who want to teleport out while carrying her need to drop the barrel first in the Camp in order to do so.
    • If a player attempts to get another Ana in a Barrel by using another Mining barrel on Ana. Players will get the following message:
    "You already have Ana in a barrel, you can't get two in there!"
    • Players are unable to bank this item as the moment players try to go through Shantay Pass Ana will get out of the barrel and end the quest.
    • Players are unable to cast spells on her (alchemy and telekinetic grab).
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