Almera's house

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Almera's house, and the Log raft

Almera's house is a small house surrounded by a fence, near the Baxtorian Falls on the eastern side of the river, north of East Ardougne. Almera (who is the starting point of the Waterfall Quest) lives here. An opening in the backyard fence leads to water where the Log raft is floating. There is a bed upstairs, reached by climbing a ladder.

Getting to the Waterfall dungeon[edit | edit source]

  1. This is the only way to the entrance of the Waterfall dungeon:
  2. Log raft behind the house is used to travel to a small isle.
  3. Rope.png Rope is used on LeaflessTrees to descend further down the stream and get to the entrance of Waterfall dungeon.
  4. Glarial's amulet.png Glarial's amulet is required to be worn in order to enter the dungeon safely and to not be washed away.